Thursday, April 2, 2009

Netbooks: The Next Computing Craze?

As consumers have demanded smaller and more portable computing devices, there has emerged on the scene a slim version of the laptop called the Netbook. Netbooks generally have smaller screens and keyboards than ordinary laptops, and have streamlined processors designed to handle basic functions like web browsing and email. The New York Times speculated today that Netbooks are "poised to reshape the PC industry" because they offer a much cheaper and lighter alternative to other computing hardware and pose a threat to traditional chip and software vendors like Intel and Microsoft .

Lunascape has paid attention to this trend, and in the most recent update to the browser, we've included new features that make Lunascape more compatible specifically with Netbooks. For instance, toolbar shrinking is a new, easy to use feature that allows users to shrink the toolbars at the top of the browser for a widescreen viewing mode particularly suited to small Netbook screens. In addition, with each new release, Lunascape focuses on lowering the CPU usage of the browser. Software that uses less power caters better to the smaller, low-power Netbook processors.

Netbooks seem ready to take flight this year. Lunascape will continue to update browser technology to remain consistent with the latest advances in hardware, software, and web standards. It's an exciting, fast-pased world!