Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer gift from Lunascape - Ver 5.1.4

Yet again, we released new version. We have updated Gecko engine to revision (same as Firefox 3.5.2), which overcomes some more security issues. Furthermore, we have fixed bugs related to title bar buttons, freeze during server connection dialog, and occasional crash at closing the last tab while using Gecko.

There are 2 released versions for 5.1.4. If you downloaded on Aug 7, you might have On Aug 10, we have done subsequent release as due to another important bug fix. The bug is related to deleting IE history while changing current directory. It is not a common problem, but we encourage everyone to update it to

To make it easy, we have renewed update patch system so that you won’t miss our latest version any more. This might be a bit shaky in the beginning, so please let us know if you have problem. I will keep my eyes on it.

During the hot summer season, we hope browsing with Lunascape is at least a breeze for you guys.