Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunascape 5.0 rc Released in Japan: Speed, speed, and more speed!

The latest Japanese version of Lunascape was released in Japan on January 27th, boasting breakneck speeds, lower CPU usage, and higher overall stability. In general, over 30 new features and bug fixes were added.

Do you care about speed? If so, this release is for you. And, yes, you'll need to be able to read some Japanese, too. But never fear. The global version, meaning the version in English, is right around the corner. You can test the alpha version here. (

For now, consider this a taste of what's possible.
For Javascript, when using the Gecko engine in Lunascape5.0 rc, compared with either Firefox3.1Beta2 or Google Chrome2.0.157.2, Lunascape comes out ahead as shown in the following SunSpider Javascript Benchmark test. The benchmark was conducted on January 23, 2009, Windows Vista Enterprise SP1, HDD 60GB, Intel Celeron M processory 420 (1.60 GHz) with 1GB of memory.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, talk to us on our Twitter account ( or through our website,

More information coming soon.


  1. why is the JavaScript engine faster? Any cool technology behind this?

  2. Hi Craig,
    We tune the rendering engines for speed based on our in-house technology and know-how. That technology and know-how is part of our "secret sauce," so we're not giving out tons of details, but it's not overly complicated. Just to be clear: we have not, in any way, rigged the browser in the various tests, and will never do so. We stand by our speed claims.


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