Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Blog Site

We've move to a new Blog site!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunascape Version 6.1.6. Release: Improved Features and Bug Fixes

Here we are, Lunascape version 6.1.6 is released today! This is most likely to be the last minor updates on v.6.1.x.

As you know, we've been mainly focusing on bug fixes before going into ver.6.2.x. So, this ver.6.1.6. is yet another bug fixed version of Lunascape with some feature improvements.

One of the bugs that I am personally happy to see fixed is ...
"The strings, which were typed in the Address Bar and the Search Bar at the time of the previous shutdown, briefly reappear right after launching Lunascape."
I've been noticing my Lunascape showing the last URL I've typed in the Address Bar whenever I relaunch Lunascape. And now, it is fixed.

There are 18 bug fixes in this version. So, please update your Lunascape.

For more details, please refer to the Release Note.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunascape Version 6.1.5. Release : Improved Installation/Upgrade Speeds

Today, we've released another minor upgrade of Lunascape, version 6.1.5.

What's new with this version?

It is very simple this time. Lunascape ver. 6.1.5. has faster installation and update. Period. As I've said during the last version release, "Our focus now is to resolve as many open bugs as possible and to optimize speed and process before we move forward to ver. 6.2.x."

So, here we go. Optimizing speed and process of installation/upgrade of Lunascape itself. I hope we're making a good progress towards your experience of using the Lunascape browser.

Version 6.1.5. Release Note

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunascape Version 6.1.4. Release: Urgent Bug Fixes

I feel like we've been releasing minor version updates of v.6.1.x pretty often nowadays and hope this is not driving you too crazy... In case if you're wondering, we will likely to have two more minor updates before going into v.6.2. And today, we're releasing ver.6.1.4 that includes some urgent bug fixes.

The major bug fix is resolving an Gecko engine specific issue, which pressing the backspace key during text inserts in a form acts as "back" to go back to a previous page in the browser. Some of you might have encountered this issue and got annoyed by it every time your typed-in form gets disappeared using Gecko engine. But it is now over, thank you for your patients waiting for the fix!

Another bug fix is resolving an issue of discoloration of words in the smart engine selection button at particular environments. Believe it or not, I've had this issue with my environments and not noticed it is a bug until I've upgraded one of my testing environments. So, I bet some of you may not know this is a bug either. To find out what's been wrong, please see the following images. Who has a word in purple?



Our focus now is to resolve as many open bugs as possible and to optimize speed and process before we move forward to ver. 6.2.x. We hope these upgrades will improve your daily experience of using the Lunascape browser!

Ver. 6.1.4. Release Note

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lunascape Version 6.1.3. Release: Optimized Startup Speed

Yet another minor release of Lunascape is available for download today.

Lunascape ver.6.1.3 is all about optimization. We've made some changes to the source code to fine-tune the browser startup processes and increased its speed. This change should be more apparent for some of the users who are using slightly lower spec PC.

Based on our internal test, the startup speed is increased by approximately 13% compared to the last version of Lunascape v.6.1.2. This test has been conducted in the following environment.
  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6750 2.66GHz
  • Memory: 3GB
  • Graphic: ATI RADEON HD2400XT 128MB

If you've been using latest PC with high spec graphic card, you may not notice the differences. However, if you are on the low side, you should be able to feel the optimized speed at the time of the startup.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Its release note is available from the Lunapedia.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Releasing ver 6.1.2 with New Online Help!

Hi guys,

It has been just 10 days since ver 6.1.1 release, but we have another one for you.

This one includes revised Gecko engine (revision - same as Firefox 3.5.9) and about a dozen of bug fixes.(Please check release notes for detail) The reasons we didn't include Gecko engine for Firefox 3.6.x at this point are some security concern and add-on incompatibility. However, please rest assured that when these issues are cleared up, we will upgrade the engine.

Another big news is that we have revamped Lunascape Help. We had been wanting to do it for so long and I am so happy to present it to you today. It's a bit rough around the edges, but we will continue to work on the look and content. I hope this new system is much easier for you to use and better enables you to personalize Lunascape exactly the way you want. Let us know what you think - any feedback will be much appreciated.

So take it away and enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lunascape version 6.1.1 Release: Updated Webkit Engine and More Stability

Thanks to all your reviews and feedback on v.6.1.0 RC. Now, an official version of Lunascape 6.1.1 is available to you!

It has an updated version of Webkit 533.3, a new smart engine selection button, better shortcut keys enforcement, 100 bug fixes and over 30 feature improvements and enhanced usability.

Here is an overview of What's New in Lunascape v.6.1.1.

A Smart Engine Selection Button

You can now switch rendering engines more easily by using the smart engine selection button.

The button is placed right the end of the address bar for easier views, and a simple one click will rotate engines among Trident, Gecko and Webkit. You can also right-click on the button to select your preferred engine.

Change In Shortcut Key Enforcement

You can use shortcut keys for application better than ever with Luanscape v.6.1.1. It now prioritizes Application's shortcut key enforcement first before Lunascape's when you're using Gecko or Webkit engines. This will allow you to use shortcut keys easier and the way you've wanted to with an application.

More Stability and Improvements

100 bug fixes and 33 feature improvements are made toward the release of Lunascape v.6.1.1. Some of the improvements are, auto-focus on the address bar when opening new tabs, display Gecko and Webkit version on 'about Lunascape' window, more edit options on tab groups, a wheel click to open a link in a new tab (Trident), a change in default settings for Ctrl+E and Ctrl+D shortcut keys, etc. For more details, please see the Release Note.

We hope you'll like v6.1.1 better and enjoy some of the new features. Any questions and comments are welcomed. You can also visit out Support Forum to place feature requests, ask how-tos, or report any troubleshoot.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lunascape 7 alpha WAVE is here - who would've thought?

Hi guys,

You probably know that we love being the "world's only" and "triple" everything here at Lunascape.

This time, let us present you the world's first and only Triple Input browser! Lunascape7 Alpha Wave lets you use your "brain wave" to navigate the web, in addition to a mouse and a keyboard.  Check this out!

You know what day it is today, right?  I hope you enjoyed.
By the way, this version is actually available in English. If you'd like to try it out, download it here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Verion 6.1 RC is now open for a test drive

Hi guys,

Hope you are enjoying early sign of spring.

As we promised, we have worked on a lot of bug fixing and prepared a test version (RC: Release Candidate) of the next release 6.1. Total number of new feature & improvement is 31 and bug fix is 98, to be exact. Whew. We certainly hope that we fixed many of your concerns. (You can check out nuts and blots of what changed here.)

The test version is available only in English, but if you could try out and see what you asked have been implemented or fixed, we'd appreciate it very much. If you find issues, please report them to our support forum. We may not be able to respond to them as we normally do, but we'd certainly get your feedback into finalizing the next version.

You can download the test version here. We appreciate your feedback as always.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Version 6.0.3 is out with the latest Gecko engine

Hi guys,

In the midst of winter Olympics, we just released updated version 6.0.3. (Now we can sit back and enjoy the last few days of the games!)

We have updated Gecko engine to the latest revision, which is the same as Firefox 3.5.8. As you can see from Mozilla's release note here, this includes several security and stability fix and we strongly encourage you to update yours soon.

We have also fixed some bugs such as memory issues wrt favorites, WebKit font issues, etc. Please check our release note for details of what changed.

We are also working towards a larger update, so please stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Version 6.0.2 is available now

Hi guys,

Thanks for waiting. Update version 6.0.2 is released earlier today.

We did a bit of engine tuning so that you will feel it is faster and more stable. It includes 13 bug fixes as well.
Oh yes, that annoying bug of search button is now fixed. Please check out our release note for details.

We know that there are more bugs to fix (thanks to your diligent reports!) and we are planning to do a big feast on that.

Until then, please enjoy the 6.0.2.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Protect Yourself with Triple Engine

Hi guys,

Many of you have probably heard of the recent IE vulnerability issue which German and French government acted quite strongly. (If you haven't, you can read it here

Internet security is a lot to do with individual's system setup and behavior, and it is difficult to be 100% safe. But, when times like this, Lunascape's triple engine becomes really handy.

When a security hole of a browser is being exploited, what would you do? You won't access the Internet until the hole is patched? Or would you go through the process of downloading another browser and learning how to use it from scratch? And what happens when the new browser you switched to encounter different vulnerability issues?

With Lunascape's triple engine, protecting yourself is just two clicks away. When there is a problem with IE, you change your default engine to Gecko or WebKit. Similarly, if there is a problem with Firefox, you can instantly change it to WebKit or Trident. And you can do all that having the same UI, favorites, bookmarks etc. that you are familiar with. No re-learning involved. No productivity lost.

Yes, each of our engine is susceptible to the same security issues and, in this case, we strongly encourage you to apply the emergency patch provided by  Microsoft to your IE (Trident) . But, you won't really hear that security issues of all major browsers are targeted at the same time, Therefore, you will be much safer using Lunascape and having control over which engine to use at any given time.

Hadn't thought about this merit of triple engine? Well, now you know.
Take charge and stay safe.
You can also help your friends in Germany and France by informing this alternative.