Monday, April 12, 2010

Lunascape version 6.1.1 Release: Updated Webkit Engine and More Stability

Thanks to all your reviews and feedback on v.6.1.0 RC. Now, an official version of Lunascape 6.1.1 is available to you!

It has an updated version of Webkit 533.3, a new smart engine selection button, better shortcut keys enforcement, 100 bug fixes and over 30 feature improvements and enhanced usability.

Here is an overview of What's New in Lunascape v.6.1.1.

A Smart Engine Selection Button

You can now switch rendering engines more easily by using the smart engine selection button.

The button is placed right the end of the address bar for easier views, and a simple one click will rotate engines among Trident, Gecko and Webkit. You can also right-click on the button to select your preferred engine.

Change In Shortcut Key Enforcement

You can use shortcut keys for application better than ever with Luanscape v.6.1.1. It now prioritizes Application's shortcut key enforcement first before Lunascape's when you're using Gecko or Webkit engines. This will allow you to use shortcut keys easier and the way you've wanted to with an application.

More Stability and Improvements

100 bug fixes and 33 feature improvements are made toward the release of Lunascape v.6.1.1. Some of the improvements are, auto-focus on the address bar when opening new tabs, display Gecko and Webkit version on 'about Lunascape' window, more edit options on tab groups, a wheel click to open a link in a new tab (Trident), a change in default settings for Ctrl+E and Ctrl+D shortcut keys, etc. For more details, please see the Release Note.

We hope you'll like v6.1.1 better and enjoy some of the new features. Any questions and comments are welcomed. You can also visit out Support Forum to place feature requests, ask how-tos, or report any troubleshoot.

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