Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lunascape 7 alpha WAVE is here - who would've thought?

Hi guys,

You probably know that we love being the "world's only" and "triple" everything here at Lunascape.

This time, let us present you the world's first and only Triple Input browser! Lunascape7 Alpha Wave lets you use your "brain wave" to navigate the web, in addition to a mouse and a keyboard.  Check this out!

You know what day it is today, right?  I hope you enjoyed.
By the way, this version is actually available in English. If you'd like to try it out, download it here.


  1. Lunascape!

    Got a pretty good chuckle out of this. Nice effort, I especially like the brain wave preferences screenshots.

    Thanks guys!

    Jesse Casman
    San Francisco

  2. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. This was all made by our team in Japan.


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