Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer gift from Lunascape - Ver 5.1.4

Yet again, we released new version. We have updated Gecko engine to revision (same as Firefox 3.5.2), which overcomes some more security issues. Furthermore, we have fixed bugs related to title bar buttons, freeze during server connection dialog, and occasional crash at closing the last tab while using Gecko.

There are 2 released versions for 5.1.4. If you downloaded on Aug 7, you might have On Aug 10, we have done subsequent release as due to another important bug fix. The bug is related to deleting IE history while changing current directory. It is not a common problem, but we encourage everyone to update it to

To make it easy, we have renewed update patch system so that you won’t miss our latest version any more. This might be a bit shaky in the beginning, so please let us know if you have problem. I will keep my eyes on it.

During the hot summer season, we hope browsing with Lunascape is at least a breeze for you guys.


  1. Thanks for updating Gecko,

    ...but WebKit should be upgrade as well
    (to WebKit 532.0)
    - version like in latest (Chrome,Safari)

  2. Hi blink,
    Thanks for your support for Lunascape. Good point. We'll certainly work on it. Pls stay tuned...

  3. Thanks for this wonderful product. However, there are a few things that you might like to addresw w.r.to Acid Test 3:
    1) On Trident engine the score was 13/100, link test failed
    2) On Gecko, it was 93/100
    3) On webkit, it was 100/100, link test failed.

    I don't know what can be done, but please look in to it and resolve. I really liked the intereface that was geeky to begin with, but got used to in about 15 minutes of usage.

    Please consider these points as feedback/requests:
    1) Settings bar at the bottom (with status bar)
    2) Open link in a new tab option, it is easier if it comes across on rt click to the link. Does not ask me to cultivate the habit of shift+click
    3) Consumed lots of resources on 3.0GHZ dual core, 2GB Ram, WinXPSP3

    AG, Calcutta, India

  4. Hello Abhishek,

    Thanks for your detailed comments. Will let the team aware of your suggestions. In the mean time, of your request (2), you can customize the mouse settings.
    While right click to open new tab is not, middle click or other button pattern are available. Pls go to Tools - Lunascape Settings - Mouse action - Link, if you haven't tried this before. Thanks!

  5. Abhishek,

    Some comments from our development team...

    *Acid3 Scores:"It is diffiult to improve as the score is directly related to the rendering engines we use. We can do some more tweaking for Gecko but that would make Lunascae less compatible with Firefox functions. We hope they will update soon. All in all, the scores does not tarnish the fact that Lunascpe can display websites more accurately than any other single engine browsers"

    *Memory consumption: "If you can, pls compare the memory consumption with other browsers and see who consumes most with 10 tabs. Keep in mind Lunascape activates 3 engines"

  6. Yuki
    Many thanks for the tip related to mouse gesture. It does solve some part of the problem. I can live with this for now.

    About use of resources, I did try with IE8, FF3.5.x, Safari 4.x, and Opera 10b2 with about 7-8 tabs open. (I generally open only as many tabs as I can handle.) Unfortunately, Lunascape used somewhere between 15-40% more RAM than others. Though I prefer the ease with which Lunascape renders all sorts of site, it feels slow, and the machine feels sluggish with lunascape on fire.

    But yes, I "FEEL" that it is faster than Safari. So I dont know if their claim to have the world's fastest browser needs to be corrected.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you and others have done. A response from you helped improve my and other colleagues' confidence in the browser.

    Best wishes....

  7. 1) Excuse me, when (date exactly) will be upgraded also WebKit in Lunascape???
    (ad 1st post article)

    2) Keyboard shortcuts in LS (deny/allow) feature?

    3) What are the main reasons and benefits for registering own profile in Luna ID ???????

    4) I have some issues with Trident. Is Trident working correctly even in Windows system, which have not IE installed at all????

    ....if Trident core in LS working with no IE on operating system

    (Windows 7 RC, IE8 not installed)

    ... Developers of LS need to know, that after start selling Windows 7 (=RTM) in Europe,,,,.....IE8 will not allways on system due "browser ballot screen" trough installation....

    Tahnks for your 4 answers

  8. Hi z25blink,
    Thanks for commenting,
    I'd like to take your questions to our Lunascape Forum so that others can benefit from our Q&A,

    Hope that's alright :)
    >> http://en.bbs.luna.tv/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=238

  9. I just posted my "thanks a lot for comments and explaining"(as a "Guest" only)



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