Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5.1.5 is released with the latest engines

Hey guys, we hope you had a wonderful summer.

I know you were waiting for this as it's been a little over a month since the last version update. Let me tell you, it's worth the wait!

Just released 5.1.5 comes with Gecko version (same as Firefox 3.5.3) that fixes some more vulnerability such as Chrome privilege escalation with FeedWriter. Webkit version is 532.0 and that achieves 20% faster JavaScript speed compared to its previous version included in 5.1.4.

And we fixed A LOT of bugs that you’ve reported to us. Thanks for your great input. There are too many to list out here, but it includes default browser setting, correct title bar, IE history issues, and smoother install and uninstall etc.We have also added some new features such as tab activation options using a mouse wheel.

Additionally, we are kicking off some new initiatives to improve Lunascape experience, which I'd write again in a few days. So please stay tuned.

Go ahead and try out the new version. You can go to Help > Check for updates or wait for version update notification. And don't forget to let us know what you think!
(Note: I was told that manual update may not be available for today due to traffic control. Sorry for the inconvenience)


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  2. You made my day!

    Seriously, I am very happy with this subsequent update. Thanks for Lunascape Dev Team. Go ahead! Keep up good work!

    add: Automatic Updates didnt working, but it was easy to download new installer and run it!

    links to go
    --- (What's New! tab) (Sept 16, 2009 ver 5.1.5)

  3. HI
    Watch this video about lunascape by me

  4. Hey guys, thanks so much. We are glad to hear that you like it. It seems like the Help>check for updates just started working! And video is quite helpful. We are planning to create more user guide and video, but may not come out fast enough. We need help from our fabulous users!


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